The Return of the Swim Dress
Posted on: February 13, 2019, by : admin

While the swim dress never really left some of the style and glam did—at least for awhile. If you think back to the Golden Age when the likes of Bettie Page and Marilyn Monroe graced the cover of magazines looking sexier than ever; a swim dress is usually what they were photographed in. The swim dress is the ultimate in classic pinup style and thankfully, they’re back as the ultimate in modern-day pinup wear! For a while the swim dress was something geared towards older women who wanted to cover up. Truth be told, they were far from sexy or even remotely appealing. Today the swim dress is back and hotter than ever! Don’t get me wrong; the new swim dress is not about showing off too much skin or looking unrespectable or anything! The options just happen to be better than ever so women of all ages and tastes can find something that they love. You can choose from something beautiful and conservative or something that gives you a whole lot of va-va-voom in a way that is reminiscent of the sexy pinup girls of yesteryear that are cool again. Ever since the trend in swimwear turned back to old movie star glam, there’s been no stopping the swim dress. Not only have these looks been gracing the pages of the top fashion magazines but, even the retailers that are best known for super-sexy swimwear and lingerie have added swim dresses to their repertoire. Today’s swim dress still provides more coverage than other swimsuits but, they’re cut in a way that is far more flattering, they enhance your curves so you can look gorgeous no matter your shape or size, and best of all, they come in colors and designs that give the bikini a run for its money! Choosing your swim dress is easy because they’re all geared to be as figure-flattering as possible these days. The hard part is choosing just one since the selection is so incredible! Go for dark colors and wider straps if you’re looking for support and coverage or if sex appeal is what you’re after, then look at some of the flirtier vintage styles that look more like hot little dresses than swimwear. Remember that ruffles on the bust can enhance a smaller bust and a skirt that flows out in an ‘A’ shape is great for making the most of a pear shape or heavier bottom. The swim dress is not about hiding imperfections – it’s about making the most of what you’ve got so that you look and feel as sexy and confident as a pinup!

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