Which Swimsuit Is Right For Your Body Shape? Accentuate Your Best Features with the Right Swimwear Choice
Posted on: February 13, 2019, by : admin

You probably know your shape better than anyone else, and you’re probably aware of your favorite and least favorite parts. Swimsuit season can be intimidating to many women, who fear that they “just don’t look good” in a swimsuit. Today’s swimwear options make it much easier for all women to build confidence and look great on the beach–with a little advice. Match these body types with some swimwear suggestions that will help you feel comfortable in a bathing suit that’s “suited” for your shape. Small Chest or Bust If you’ve got a small bust, opting for two pieces is probably your best bet. Try a halter top tankini that can give even a size A chest some cleavage. Make sure that the top fits correctly, and isn’t too loose (the number one way to make your chest look smaller). If possible, try getting different size top and bottoms to fit, like a “mix n match” style. Ruffles, extra fabric and adjustable straps are small-chested women’s best friends! If you prefer a one-piece swimsuit look, avoid strapless one-piece swimsuits. Thin, spaghetti straps will look cute on you! Large Bust or Heavy on Top If you want some cleavage, halter top bikinis or tankinis offer support and cleavage, as well as the ability to adjust size with a tie-neck option. Underwire, banded midriffs, soft foam cups or built-in-bras are a must with any one or two piece swimwear option. If possible, order the top one size larger than the bottom. One-piece swimsuit options can also include “tank” style suits with wide shoulder straps. Avoid anything that has minimal coverage, such as bandeau bikini tops. Short Torso and/or Short Legs You can actually lengthen the look of your legs by finding a swimsuit that is cut high on the legs. One piece swimsuits often have “high thigh” bikini cuts or a V-Shaped plunging neckline are a great fit for your shape. Try a string bikini if you’re set on a two-piece bathing suit, which will lengthen your legs by revealing your hips. If possible, avoid boy shorts. Color-wise, you can wear a solid colored bottom with a printed or vertically-striped swimsuit top, which will draw the eyes toward your torso, giving it a longer look. Long Torso/Tall and Thin To avoid the “bean pole” look, go crazy with embellishments, horizontal stripes, super bright neon colors, and even hip belts that break up your tall, thin figure. If you’re tall and think without curves, try a one-piece swimsuit with an embellished waist, or extra fabric and ruffles on a skirtini swimsuit. Try to avoid solid colors without any print, detail, or embellishments. Broad Shoulders Play up your bottom half and avoid drawing attention to the top if you’ve got an “inverted triangle” shape. Choose bikini bottoms splashed with lots of colors and print patterns and don’t be stingy when it comes to embellishments such as ties, belts and sashes. Wide shoulder straps, square necklines, and modern low-rise thigh cuts can make you look fabulous. Try to avoid the plunging V-neck that will only highlight the shape you’re trying to soften. Tummy Troubles or Scars & Stretchmarks If you are self conscious about your tummy, try a one-piece swimsuit, or a “mock” two-piece. Many one-piece swimsuits today actually look like two-piece tanikinis or skirtinis, but they offer total midriff coverage. Swimdresses often also do the job of covering a tummy, with style. Try a print rather than a solid color to distract from too much tummy. Most women who have scars or stretchmarks tend to have them on their thighs, breasts, or bellies. The best swimwear option might be a long swimwdress, or a swimsuit with optional coverup. Boyshorts bottoms can help you cover stretchmarks on your buttocks or hips, if you’ve got them. Curvy Bottom or Plus-Size If you’re curvy on the bottom, the skirtini is for you! Try choosing a smooth, slimming skirtini skirt (short or mini is OK) that covers just want you want it to. If you want ruffles or an extra fabric look, choose a skirted bikini with a ruffled bikini top that will draw attention to your bust rather than your hips and buttocks. The comeback of the super cute, one-piece swimdress is a great trend for plus-size women. Swimdresses offer coverage in the places where most plus-size women are seeking modesty, but swimdresses are often constructed with stylish, sexy fashion in mind as well. Deep V-necks can accentuate cleavage, and ruching at the hip can offer a fashionable distraction as well as lengthen your thighs.

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