Making Waves with the Skirtini

The skirtini is making waves and it’s no wonder seeing as how it offers a woman some coverage while still allowing her to look flirty and feminine! If you’re not entirely sure what a skirtini is, think of the tankini but with a skirted bottom. That means more coverage than a regular bikini but a lot more playful!

The skirtini works with any shape or size and is universally flattering. Depending on the style you choose, you can work some magic on your figure and do things like play down the parts you’re not happy with while playing up the ones that you are. You can look sexy, pretty, girlie, flirty, sporty, and conservative—there’s truly a skirtini for any taste. The return of the swimdress is what led to the popularity of the skirtini. These are basically a throwback to a more glamorous time when women like Marilyn Monroe were at the height of fashion. As a matter of fact, she was often photographed wearing a skirtini and those pictures are still able to get a man’s pulse racing today!

The greatest thing of all about the skirtini is its versatility. By having two pieces you can have a skirtini that really shows off your bust and hides your bottom half if that’s your preference, or you can choose a style that has a ruffled or detailed bottom to really show off your butt and legs. Choose a tamer skirtini top to minimize your bust and help to take the attention away and downward. A woman who wants to cover her tummy can get a skirtini with a bottom that sits higher on the waist and, if you love the skirtini but are having trouble with the idea of showing off your midriff, that’s fine too because you can find a skirtini that has a top that meets the bottoms so you end up with full coverage. And, my favorite part about that is that you can always pull it up when you’re laying back and enjoying a little tanning time.

A skirtini is by far one of the greatest styles of swimsuit on the market for women because it really does flatter any shape, size and age. You can look sexy while still being as covered as you want to be or you can choose a style that’s all about flirty, sexy fun. The choices are so vast that you’ll have trouble picking just one!

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