Yes, You CAN Wear a Bikini Swimsuit No Matter Your Size

This article is as much a lesson in self esteem as it is an informative look at bikini styles. Most women wish they could wear a bikini swimsuit but shy away from it because they’re not model-thin. Where’s the justice?? While magazines may still favor the waif over the plus-sized girl for their pages, there is no rule saying that you need to be skinny in order to wear, feel good or look good in a bikini swimsuit! So, instead of just brushing off the idea of the bikini that you’ve been coveting on other women, stop for a minute and see how a woman of any size really can wear a bikini swimsuit. There are several factors that can help you find the right bikini for you no matter how old or how big you are.

The fact that you can find a bikini swimsuit in regular, petite and plus sizes should already show you that you can indeed find one in your size even if you fall under what is considered a ‘specialty size’. A bikini swimsuit is like any other swimsuit in the sense that not all of them are going to look good on you. By the same token though, they aren’t all going to look bad either. Experimenting with different cuts and colors guarantees that you’ll be surprised by just how flattering some bikinis can be. You’ve got choices like higher or lower waist bottoms, padded or unpadded cups and halter or strapless. These things can all help you to find a look that works well for your body no matter how big or small you are. Even if you believe that you have a good grasp on what looks good for your body you should still be willing to experiment a little and try on lots of bikinis in order to find the right one. And, when it comes to shopping for a bikini swimsuit, you also need to be willing to venture out of your comfort zone a little and open yourself up to other possibilities. Finding the right swimsuit is like finding the love of your life— you never when or where it’s going to happen and it usually happens when you least expect it!

Finally, for you ladies who worry that a bikini swimsuit isn’t for you, I want to let you in on a proven, yet little known secret that’s sure to help. The secret is that confidence makes you more attractive than a skinny body ever could! Ask any man and he’ll tell you the same thing. Sex appeal is more about how you feel than how you look, so choose a bikini swimsuit that you feel great in and then go strut your stuff like nobody’s business!

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