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Evening Dresses - D30798 Clearance (D-S)

293.44   151.78

Woven White One Shoulder Prom or Wedding D...

411.83   141.66

Sleek Black Slimming Strapless Prom Dress ...

240.82   151.78

Evening Dresses - D30551 (D-L) Clearance

323.80   121.42

Ambassador Aqua Green Pageant Dress Cleara...

277.25   141.66

Light Peach Cream One Shoulder Bow Evening...

234.75   121.42

Light Yellow Cream Floral Bridesmaid Dress...

323.80   161.90

Chrysalis Gold Formal Gown Clearance (D-S)

283.32   121.42

Purple Tiered One Shoulder Prom Dress Clea...

338.98   161.90

Royal Famine Blue One Shoulder Prom Dress ...

293.44   151.78

Purple and Sky Blue Floral Prom Dress (D-S...

268.15   131.54

Grey and Black Modest Prom Dress Clearance...

368.32   141.66

Evening Dresses - D30575 Clearance (D-S)

334.93   161.90

Chickadee Cocktail Gown Clearance (CF-L)

335.94   121.42

Royalty Blue Quinceanera or Evening Dress ...

288.38   141.66

Violet Treasures V-Neck Gown Clearance (D-...

212.49   111.31

Evening Dresses - D30579 Clearance (D-L)

323.80   141.66

Electric Blue One Shoulder Prom Dress Clea...

323.80   141.66

Light Peach Floral Accented Formal Dress s...

345.05   141.66

Beaded Classic Beige Dress Clearance (Size...

396.65   141.66

Short Sleeved Pink Modest Evening Gown Cle...

407.78   141.66

Dramatic Tri Color Fashion Dress Clearance

230.71   121.42

One Shoulder Capped Formal Prom Dress Clea...

303.56   131.54

Vintage Look Red Orange Evening Formal Wea...

222.61   121.42

Sage Keyhole Prom Dress Clearance (D-XL an...

301.54   141.66

Royal Purple Elegant Evening Dress Clearan...

321.77   161.90

Violet Empire Soft Pink Purple Evening Dre...

317.73   161.90

Red and White Elegant Evening Dress Cleara...

224.63   111.31

Crown Jewel Metallic Cocktail Dress Cleara...

277.25   141.66

Black Sweetheart Top with Sleeves Clearanc...

250.94   131.54

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Leopard Swim Dress size L Clearance

130.53   100.18

Miduo One Piece Swimsuit - MD10972 Clearance

59.70   15.18

Miduo Bikini Swimsuit - MD11259 Clearance

50.59   15.18

Miduo Bikini Swimsuit - MD11112 Clearance

47.56   15.18

Miduo Bikini Swimsuit - MD11252 Clearance

46.55   15.18

Miduo One Piece Swimsuit - MD11149 Clearance

65.77   15.18

Miduo Bikini Swimsuit - MD10976 Clearance

51.61   15.18

One Piece Swimsuit - XLY4090 Clearance

62.74   32.38

One Piece Swimsuit - JG1140 Clearance

68.81   32.38

Miduo Two Piece Swimsuits - MD11942 Clearance

64.76   15.18

Miduo Bikini Swimsuits - MD11999 Clearance

54.64   15.18

Miduo Bikini Swimsuits - MD12087 Clearance

58.69   15.18

Miduo One Piece Swimsuits - MD12229 Clearance

54.64   15.18

Starlet Swimdress

82.67   32.38

Purple and Black String Bikini Clearance

106.25   24.28

Black Zebra Striped Swimdress Clearance

89.04   36.43

Shuman Swimdresses - SM1125 Clearance

88.03   36.43

Pink Floral Black Skirtini Clearance

86.01   24.28

Yellow Metallic Purple Bandeau Bikini Clea...

93.09   24.28

Graphic Print Skirtini Clearance

87.02   24.28

Miduo Bikini Swimsuit - MD11110 Clearance

47.56   15.18

Miduo Bikini Swimsuit - MD11160 Clearance

48.57   15.18

Miduo One Piece Swimsuit - MD11196 Clearance

59.70   15.18

Miduo Bikini Swimsuits - MD12233 Clearance

56.66   15.18

Miduo Bikini Swimsuits - MD12231 Clearance

50.59   15.18

Miduo Bikini Swimsuit - MD11332 Clearance

52.62   15.18

Miduo One Piece Swimsuits - MD11943 Clearance

52.62   15.18

Women's swimsuits & bathing suits at Swimwear Place are fashionable! We also sell dresses!

Shopping for swimwear is not easy: There are many kinds and styles of swimsuits out there, and you have to find the right one for your size, shape, and personality. And who has time to go through racks and racks of suits, anyway?

This is why Swimwear Place - online discount swimwear store is here: We help women, men, and kids find their perfect swim wear. You are sure to find the right cut and design from our incredible selection of over 700 (and still growing!) one piece swimsuits,bikinis, tankinis, swimdress, skirtinis and more---all at unbelievably great prices! Although our bathing suits are relatively cheap, the quality is not compromised. Think affordable Wal-Mart price for a fashion piece, with the added convenience of shopping from your home anywhere in the world. We sell to USA, UK, Canada, Australia, and international.

We've got classic swimsuits for women and men, but we also have new designs of swim wear and bikinis coming in regularly - so you can pick from our crop of the latest and trendiest styles anytime.

We also sell elegant dresses!

We look forward to serving you on our website. Have fun browsing our ever-growing selection of men's and women's swimwear including fashionable skirted swimsuits. We're continually updating our product lineup to offer you more choices, so come back anytime.

You are just a few clicks away from finding your very own perfect swimsuit. What are you waiting for? Browse our huge 2014 women's swim suits collection now!


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