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The bikini swimsuit is today’s most popular swimwear style around the globe. Swimwear Place brings a chic and affordable selection of brand-name bikini swimsuits to women. We specialize in playful, fun bikini suits that span an entire rainbow of colors, shapes and styles–and we offer free shipping on all discount women's swimwear.


Sash Halter Top & Mid-rise Bottom Clearance

$62.00   $15.00

Purple and Black String Bikini Clearance

$105.00   $24.00

Yellow Metallic Purple Bandeau Bikini Clea...

$92.00   $24.00

Blue Algae Bandeau Top & Tie-side Bottom C...

$64.00   $15.00

Miduo Bikini Swimsuit - MD11160 Clearance

$48.00   $15.00

Bandeau Top & Thong Bottom Clearance

$68.00   $15.00

Miduo Bikini Swimsuit - MD11332 Clearance

$52.00   $15.00

Miduo Bikini Swimsuits - MD11999 Clearance

$54.00   $15.00

Miduo Bikini Swimsuit - MD11084 Clearance

$51.00   $15.00

Basic Bikini Non-Halter Should Straps

$59.00   $16.00

Miduo Bikini Swimsuits - MD12231 Clearance

$50.00   $15.00

Miduo Bikini Swimsuits - MD12087 Clearance

$58.00   $15.00

Miduo Bikini Swimsuit - MD10976 Clearance

$51.00   $15.00

Miduo Bikini Swimsuits - MD12233 Clearance

$56.00   $15.00

Miduo Bikini Swimsuit - MD11110 Clearance

$47.00   $15.00

Miduo Bikini Swimsuit - MD11252 Clearance

$46.00   $15.00

Miduo Bikini Swimsuits - MD11951 Clearance

$52.00   $15.00

Black Floral Banded Bikini Clearance

$94.00   $32.00

The Bikini - From Forbidden to Feminine Fashion Icon

Did you know that the modern bikini swimsuit was actually invented by a man?

Famous movie stars and Hollywood celebs began popularizing fuller two piece swimsuits in the 1930s. But more than a dozen variations of the bikini emerged quickly after French engineer Louis Reard, attributed as the inventor of the modern bikini, made a two-piece swimsuit that was daringly smaller and more revealing. For decades, many men and women rejected the modern bikini as indecent, and some swim destinations even forbade bikinis altogether.

Today, the bikini is the most popular form of women's swimwear around the world. Many historians suggest that its prevalence is a testament to the emancipation and power of women in the modern era. Some of its most notable forms today include the string bikini and tankini.

The Benefits of Choosing a Two-Piece Bikini Suit

Bikinis are the ultimate in showing off what you've got. When you want to be noticed, this fashionable style of swimwear fits the job. In addition, women's bikinis offer the best option for tanning. Bikini suits are great for swimming in saltwater or chlorinated pools, as they dry quickly and easily rinse clean.

At Swimwear Place, our line of women’s bikinis are made of stretchy nylon and spandex, offering the ultimate in comfort without compromising style.

Bikini Swimsuits at Swimwear Place: Great Selection, Amazing Price

Swimwear place brings a chic and affordable selection of brand-name bikini swimsuits to women around the world at cheap prices. Our bikini swimsuit styles are high-quality and as unique as your personality. As you check out the amazing line of two-piece bikini swimsuits in our online store, you’ll notice a vast array of styles and tastes that are sure to suit any shape or figure. We specialize in playful, fun designs that span an entire rainbow of colors.

Free Shipping with the Purchase of Every Women’s Bikini

Remember, when you shop for your bikini swimsuit online at Swimwear Place, you’re getting a brand-name swimsuit at an amazing discount. To top it all off, we’re extending free shipping (worldwide) for all of our customers to enjoy.

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