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Boy shorts swimwear can be chic and feminine! We have an amazing selection of boy shorts swimsuits to choose from. Check out our fabulous, colorful range of boyleg swimwear available in one piece swimsuits and two-piece tankini styles. Remember, shipping is always free!

Boyleg Shorts: A Confident, Comfortable, and Chic Swimwear Look

Boyshorts, which are also called boyleg shorts, boy shorts bottoms, or boy shorts swimwear, are arguably the most popular bikini or tankini bottom choice of most women today. Boyshorts, as opposed to bikini briefs or thongs, offer an element of modesty, as well as mobility and comfort. Many girls and women find themselves more confident wearing and swimming in boyleg shorts than some other styles because of the added material, which can hide stretch marks or other unsightly scars.

The boy shorts swimwear trend isn’t entirely new, but it has exploded in popularity since the 1970s, when most non-swimwear shorts were generally shorter. The recent return of minishorts into the streetwear look has only added to the popularity of boy shorts swimwear among women and girls.

Although boy shorts swimwear is convenient for busy women who lack the time or funds to undergo rigorous grooming such as bikini waxes, the boyleg swimwear options offered here in our online store do not compromise flirtatiousness or style in any way! And, the “boy” in the boyshorts or boyleg name doesn’t mean that this option lacks femininity. We offer pink, floral, belted, and other chic-style tankinis and swimwear options with boyleg shorts that are playful and fun.

At Swimwear Place, Boyleg shorts are most common in tankini swimsuit sets, but we also offer a great selection of boy shorts bottoms in other styles. Additionally, a nice variety of our one piece swimsuits come with modest boyleg shorts bottoms. Every swimsuit offered at Swimwear place is of the highest quality, and we work directly with the manufacturers to offer you the cheapest swimsuits and online discounts possible. The best part is that we ship all of our swimming suits absolutely free to anywhere in the world!

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