The Return of the Swim Dress

While the swim dress never really left some of the style and glam did—at least for awhile. If you think back to the Golden Age when the likes of Bettie Page and Marilyn Monroe graced the cover of magazines looking sexier than ever; a swim dress is usually what they were photographed in. The swim […]

Which Swimsuit Is Right For Your Body Shape? Accentuate Your Best Features with the Right Swimwear Choice

You probably know your shape better than anyone else, and you’re probably aware of your favorite and least favorite parts. Swimsuit season can be intimidating to many women, who fear that they “just don’t look good” in a swimsuit. Today’s swimwear options make it much easier for all women to build confidence and look great […]

Yes, You CAN Wear a Bikini Swimsuit No Matter Your Size

This article is as much a lesson in self esteem as it is an informative look at bikini styles. Most women wish they could wear a bikini swimsuit but shy away from it because they’re not model-thin. Where’s the justice?? While magazines may still favor the waif over the plus-sized girl for their pages, there […]