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Check out our one piece swimsuits for women at Swimwear Place. Not only do we have a great selection of fashionable and stylish swimwear, but we also offer them at great prices too! Browse our amazing collection of one piece swimwear in a vast array of styles, tastes and colors, find one you like and enjoy free shipping!


One Piece Swimsuit - XLY4090 Clearance

$62.00   $32.00

One Piece Swimsuit - JG1140 Clearance

$68.00   $32.00

Hollywood Hotel 1-PC size LL Clearance

$99.00   $59.00

Miduo One Piece Swimsuits - MD11943 Clearance

$52.00   $15.00

Miduo One Piece Swimsuits - MD12229 Clearance

$54.00   $15.00

Miduo One Piece Swimsuit - MD10972 Clearance

$59.00   $15.00

Miduo One Piece Swimsuit - MD11196 Clearance

$59.00   $15.00

High Cut 1-PC Clearance (size 6)

$89.00   $59.00

Black and White Affair size 16 1-PC clearance

$125.00   $75.00

High Cut Double Strap 1-PC size 4 Clearance

$109.00   $69.00

Miduo One Piece Swimsuit - MD11149 Clearance

$65.00   $15.00

Body and Soul 1-PC Clearance (Size 12)

$118.00   $70.00

One Piece Swimsuit - JG11110 Clearance

$68.00   $38.00

Deanna Clearance

$191.00   $40.00

Take Flight One-Piece Swimsuit

$80.00   $52.00

T-Back Wet Suit size 4 Clearance

$105.00   $60.00

Call Your Spots One Piece Clearance

$84.00   $48.00

Double O Seven 1-PC Clearance (Size 6,8,10)

$90.00   $60.00

One Piece Swimsuits ~ Slenderizing Bathing Suits

At the Swimwear Place, we feature a wide arrange of one piece swimsuits because of their versatility. They are not only great for those who want a more slenderizing effect on the body and to appear taller and leaner, but they are also excellent for athletic types who desire a bathing suit that is more apt to stay in place with lots of activity. Whether or not you consider yourself athletic or not, one piece swimsuits will definitely give you the mobility you seek without having to worry about losing a top or bottom, or whether the top or bottom is beginning to show too much skin.

One Piece Swimwear ~ Great for Day or Evening

If you desire a bathing suit that can take you from the beach to a club then consider feminine, fashionable one piece swimwear. Some suits are so wonderfully designed that you can pair it up with a sarong or calf-length a-line skirt and it would be very difficult to discern whether it is a body suit or a bathing suit. At the Swimwear Place, we carry a wide of bathing suits that could easily be paired up with a nice skirt or pants so that you can visit your favorite nightclub or restaurant in a pinch.

One Piece Bathing Suits ~ Modest Coverage Paired with Great Design

One piece bathing suits are wonderful in that they afford the wearer great coverage and more protection from the sun than two piece swimsuits. As we know for some people, the sun can be quite harsh especially on sensitive areas that are typically less exposed to the sun on a regular basis. Additionally, the one piece also allows the wearer more versatility in terms of fashion. There are those that mimic two piece bathing suits in terms of exposure but you also have the comfort in knowing that, in the end, what you are wearing is still a one piece so that are no tops or bottoms to lose in wild waves. Consider that there are low necklines, plunging backs, cut outs, various patterns from which to choose from as well as the style in how the bathing suit is worn at the top (halter-style, tank top, bandeau, etc.). One piece bathing suits offer versatility in fashion that other bathing suits don't because of the extra amount of fabric inherent in the design. Check out our great inventory of one pieces at the Swimwear Place, and get prepared for those hot Summer days!

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