Reward Points Program

As a way of saying thank you to our valued customers, we give rewards to every product you purchase from us, we call it “REWARD POINTS”. Reward points can be earned when you shop any product from our websites. You can use your reward points as a discount and also to purchase any items from our website. The reward points information are shown in your account whenever you login and it will give you the total number of points you earned from your previous purchase. Here are some information on how you can earn and how you can use it:

  1. A customer will earn points of the same value as the price of each product bought on our website. If for example you buy a product worth $46, you will earn 46 points.
  2. For each 100 points, you will earn a $5 value which you can use the next time you purchase online.
  3. Whenever you come back to our website and purchase a product, all you have to do is login to your account, select a product and on the payment section, it will give you the option to use your reward points.
  4. Let’s say for example that you have 200 points in your account, and you want to purchase a swimwear product worth $50. Since 100 points is equal to $5, you will have a total of $10 that you can use for the purchase. So, if you opted to use the $10 dollars, you can use it to pay as a discount so you only need to pay $40 for your swimwear.

With REWARD POINTS, you can earn a lot and purchase a lot online for all our products. You can accumulate points to purchase your next swimwear this summer. Have a happy shopping and thank you for choosing Swimwear Place!

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