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If you're looking for a swimsuit that combines femininity with that little bit of decency to give you the confidence you want, look no further than our women’s skirted bikinis! Our wide selection of skirted bikini swimsuits will ensure you find the right skirt bikini at the right price. Explore our collection today to find the perfect skirted bikini swimsuit for you!

Let’s face it: women love the sexy, feminine feeling a bikini provides…but so many feel daunted by a skimpy bikini bottom! There aren’t too many women who are confident when it comes to showing their bottom, hips and upper legs, and that’s why a skirted bikini is a great option.

Skirted bikinis have been with us for quite awhile now and combine the styles of two swimsuits: the bikini swimwear and the swim dress.

Women love the sexiness and femininity of the skirted bikini, because they get a stylish, beautiful bikini top with a feminine, cute bikini skirt that sits on their hips.

“For me, choosing a skirted bikini was easy,” says one of our happy customers. “I loved the idea of wearing a feminine and flattering bikini and combining it with a bikini skirt to cover my dimply bits!”

Here at Swimwear Place, you can choose from a huge selection of skirted bikinis in a range of delightful prints. All of our swimsuits are made to the highest manufacturing standards, so you can expect to get several years of wear out of your skirted bikini.

“When my skirted bikini arrived in the mail, I was impressed by the quality right away,” says another one of our happy customers. “And when I tried it on for the first time, I was immediately taken in by the comfort factor! The bikini fitted beautifully, and the skirt certainly looked feminine, without looking too revealing, because it sat on my hips and dramatically minimized them!”

We offer what is regarded by some as the most extensive range of skirted bikinis on the internet. Here at Swimwear Place you will find gorgeous floral prints, feminine ruffles, cute polka dots and vibrant colors. Choose a fitted bikini skirt, or opt for a flowing style of bikini skirt that will hide the bits you don’t want to show the world!

The skirted bikini is increasing in popularity, and with its beautiful combination of bikini and swimdress, it’s sure to be popular with the ladies for many more years to come!

Explore our skirted bikini range here at Swimwear Place today! We’re sure you will find the print you like and the style you like, to ensure your next trip to the water is lots of fun!

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