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Swimwear Place offers a wide array of trendy and colorful skirtinis to get you ready for the beach and pool. Most of the skirted tankinis we list consist of three pieces offering you lots of versatility. Get ready for your next vacation by purchasing your favorites. We will ship them to your door for free!

Skirtini Swimsuits ~ Modest Fashionable Swimwear for Everyone

Skirtini Swimsuits are a great choice in swimwear for women if you are looking for a bathing suit that is a bit more modest and still very fashionable. It's a type of bathing suit that combines a skirt with a modest brief-type bottom thus giving you coverage both on the leg and buttocks as well as mobility and comfort. If you like playing frisbee on the beach, walking about, or playing with your kids, the skirted swimsuit will allow you to move about freely without having to worry about riding-up bathing suit bottoms. This type of swimwear is also a great asset in covering up certain problem areas. If you have excess cellulite on your thighs, stretch marks or unsightly veins then you may find that having a skirted swimsuit will take away the focus on these areas. For slimmer figures, a skirted bottom will often give the allusion of more hips thus giving a more hourglass shape.

Skirtinis ~ Allow You to Move Freely From Water to Land

If you have an active beach or pool life then skirtini swimwear will make sense for you because they will allow you to move freely from land to water and vice versa without having to constantly adjust your outfit or run for a towel. Because this type of bathing suit consists of a skirted bottom and tankini swimwear, you are typically fully dressed in a fashionable way and can move freely amongst guests at parties without having a typical beachwear look. In fact, some skirtini swimsuits are so fashionable that it is hard to tell if they are skirtinis or not. Some could easily go from beach to evening wear in a pinch.

Skirtini Swimwear ~ The Ultimate Feminine Bathing Suit

No matter how you look at it, skirted swimwear definitely has a more feminine appeal because of the skirted bottom, but the tankini top, along with providing more modest bust coverage, also lends a feminine, sporty appeal that is great for active, on-the-go girls, ladies and moms. If you are seeking a bathing suit that can give you the ability to move around freely along with a great sense of fashion then consider skirtini swimwear. At the Swimwear Place, we provide you with a vast selection of skirtinis to choose from -- in great colors, to suit a wide array of tastes and sizes. Be sure to check out our inventory!

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