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Black Zebra Striped Swimdress Clearance

$88.00   $36.00

Shuman Swimdresses - SM1125 Clearance

$87.00   $36.00

Starlet Swimdress

$81.70   $32.00

Mala Mala Swim Dress Clearance

$123.00   $60.00

Carlita Swim Dress size M Clearance

$139.00   $89.00

Sanqi Swimdress - SQ13051

$69.00   $48.00

Fondulous Flower Swimdress Clearance

$80.00   $40.00

Multi-Layer Swimdress

$93.00   $60.00

Lace-Mesh Swimdress - More Colors Available

$98.00   $64.00

Ruffles and Lace Swimdress Clearance

$80.00   $38.00

Royal Swim Dress Size LL Clearance

$129.00   $99.00

Qihai Swimdresses - QH3166 Clearance

$90.00   $45.00

Mediterranean Swim Dress Clearance

$129.00   $95.00

Sanqi Swimdresses - SQ3012

$76.00   $49.00

Shuman Swimdresses - SM1320

$88.00   $57.00

Sanqi Swimdress - SQ3018

$91.00   $59.00

Playing the Angles Swimdress Clearance

$86.00   $48.00

Catch a Wave Swimdress Clearance

$92.00   $55.00

The Swimdress ~ A Feminine Bathing Suit with Modest Coverage

The swimdress dates back to the late 1800's when people were extremely modest when it came to exposing their skin at the beach. Although the length and materials have changed quite a bit since then, the concept is still very much alive for many people -- that is, being able to enjoy the sun without having to reveal unnecessary skin. This pertains mainly to skin in the bust and lower neckline area as well as about the upper thighs and buttocks. For most, this modest swimsuit provides them the coverage they seek giving them confidence on the beach and at the pool.

Swimdresses ~ Bringing Back Fun to Beachwear

Swimdresses are also wonderful bathing suits because they give you lots of mobility and comfort, in addition to looking great. The lovely graceful line of swimming dresses gives them a sensational feminine look as the skirt gracefully pulls away from the bottom with movement. This can often hide problem areas such as cellulite, varicose veins, and scarring that one might have on their thighs and stomachs -- areas they wouldn't like to expose with small two pieces bathing suits. These swimsuits, on the other hand, give the wearer the confidence that comes with looking great in a fashionable suit . No more worrying about what is and is not showing. A beautiful swimdress allows the wearer to feel prepared to move from land to water and back in a moment's notice.

Swim Dresses ~ Are Here to Stay

Swim Dresses are wonderful additions to your beach wardrobe. Even if you are less modest, swim suits such as these allow you to quickly move from a beach function to a more formal setting without having to change out of what it "typical" revealing beachwear. If you don't want to have to pack multiple suits and you know that you will have to move from function to function in a pinch, then consider packing a beautiful swimdress which can accommodate all of your needs. At the Swimwear Place, we have a large assortment of swim dresses which will appeal to most tastes and come available in most sizes. Our prices are also very competitive, as we bring you the best array of fashions available in this category. From tropical designs to more formal looking fashions, we offer you the versatility in design you look for in a bathing suit. Come check us out today!

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