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Modern swimwear has effectively transcended the borders of functional utility to become more of a fashion statement as well as an instrument to harness one's physical prowess in such activities as swimming, water polo, diving, surfing, and water skiing.

Although the swimwear has had its share of design developments as well as changes in the functional purpose brought about by the kind of material it is made from, they remain to be inherently designed to cover intimate body parts of both men and women.

There are many swimwear buying guides both in local department stores and in online shops which can provide a host of choices for every individual. You see, there are quite a few things that you need to consider first before you even attempt to buy your very first swimwear.

Know Yourself

Since swimwear naturally hugs the human body in such a way that it becomes the person's second skin, one major consideration is the person's overall body type and shape.

  1. For persons with a pear-shaped body – big hips but with narrow shoulders – string bikinis are more preferred over boy shorts because the rather thin lines provided for by the string will help create an illusion of a much thinner thigh. Feminine bikini bottoms with ties or other feminine details by the sides can work as well as bikinis with darker bottoms. Another way to divert attention away from the large hips is to flaunt a great bosom cleavage with a plunging front, provided, of course, you have those.

  2. For persons with rather boyish figures with narrower hips and small bust or even a flat chest, swimwear that cuts straight across the body should be avoided. Choose swimwear that has diagonal lines and bright and cheerful patterns that can be effective in giving the illusion of curves. Ruffled tops, bikinis, and other swimwear can definitely enhance your body figure. Swimwear that has block designs as well as light or even vibrant colors or hues can also help in creating a curvaceous look in the otherwise "bland" look.

  3. For persons who are top heavy, those with extremely broad shoulders and heavy busts but with narrow hips, swimwear top will be the way to go and never the string types. Bust support is the primary consideration in these instances because without it, your bust would seem more like one massive papaya waiting to spill on the sides. Underwire bust supports can make your bust appear more perky and your cleavage more ample. Wearing a top that is slightly dark in color or hue can help project a narrower shoulder.

  4. For the plus-size person, hope is not at all lost despite having wide shoulders, large breasts, and large waists because there are swimwear that can suit you. Tankinis and one piece plus size swimsuits can cover more of the body while a one piece plus size swimsuit. The idea in a plus size person is that one should always go for the dark colored swimwear because of its thinning effect.

  5. For the person with the whistle-bait hour-glass figure, there simply is no issue as long as it fits right, is able to support the breasts, and fits snuggly in the waist. The waistline is the most important asset to be flaunted in these instances.

Hide it or Flaunt it

The idea in swimwear is to be as comfortable as you can be in your swimming and other water-related activities. Yet, the swimwear has moved well beyond pure functionality to one that bespeaks one's personality and character. The choice of swimwear thus, not only reflects the person's design choices but also his or her understanding and appreciation of his or her own personality.
  1. Among men, swimwear can take the form of swim briefs, swimming trunks, square leg suits, swim jammers, fundoshis, and mankinis.

  2. Among women, swimwear can be in the form of a one piece, a bikini, a tankini or a monokini. The one piece swimwear is a body-hugging swimwear that essentially covers the woman's torso.
  3. The bikini is composed of two parts — a swimwear that covers the breast and another that covers the groin and the buttocks. Monokinis are essentially bikinis less the top garment. They are otherwise called as the thong or the bikini bottom. Tankinis, on the other hand, combines a nylon-and-lycra or spandex-and-cotton tank top with a bikini bottom offering a certain sense of modesty amidst the show of skin.

  4. There are also swimwear that are considered unisex such as board shorts, rash guards, wetsuits, drag suits, and racing suits, almost all of which are worn in competitive sports.

A smart buyer of swimwear will often spend considerable time weighing out his or her options. Starting with an understanding and realization of his or her unique body type, progressing to how much skin he or she is prepared to show, the prospective swimwear owner of today can find great use on the many helpful resources available in the Web.

Size it Up

After determining the type of swimwear to purchase, you will need to find your measurements because, as there are varied designs and sizes of swimwear, one size clearly will not fit all.
  1. Start by measuring your bust size. Make sure to measure around the fullest part of your bust and round up the measurements to the nearest whole number, say 36 inches for a 35-1/2 inch measurement.

  2. Measure your waist by bending to one side and taking note of the natural point at which an angle is made. Put your index finger in this area, stand straight and wound the tape measure around your waist at the level of your finger. Keep the tape measure snug and round off the measurement to the nearest whole number.

  3. Measure your hips by placing the tape measure just below the widest point in your hips, usually right under the hip bone.

Now, depending on your measurements, you will find that swimwear come in different sizes. You won't have to worry anymore because there are resources to help you find your fit based on your measurements. If you find your measurements to be in-between sizes, you will have to go for the larger size if you intend to use the swimwear more for fashion or fitness and smaller if you intend to compete in it.

Other considerations such as cost and quality will soon follow for, after all, the swimwear is not only an appropriate attire for water related activities but is more importantly the reflection of the person's character and personality.

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