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The tankini swimwear has taken the world by storm, because they enhance the curves you love and hide the ones you don't! Here at Swimwear Place, be sure to check out our huge selection of tankinis – including the popular boy shorts tankinis and halter tankinis – to find the tankini swimsuit that is just right for you! So many designs, so many colors and so many prints to choose from, so explore now!


Sailor Crossback Takini with Boy Shorts Cl...

£54.77   £29.43

Qihai Tankinis - QH9212 Clearance

£71.94   £35.97

2012 New Style Tankini Clearance

£51.50   £31.07

Classic Twist Tankini Clearance

£97.28   £64.58

Layer It On Tankini Clearance

£68.67   £39.24

Sheer Tankini size S Clearance

£85.84   £53.14

Marilyn Ruffle Tankini size M clearance

£134.89   £94.01

Siesta Sunset Tankini Clearance

£114.45   £81.75

Hash-Plaid Tankini Clearance

£68.67   £31.07

Sunset Beach Twist Tankini Clearance

£118.54   £69.49

Full Figure Tankini Plus Clearance

£102.19   £77.66

Sanqi Tankini - SQ3001 Clearance

£62.13   £40.06

Jingeer Tankini - JG1225 Clearance

£66.22   £39.24

Miami Twist Tankini Clearance

£102.19   £53.14

Qihai Tankinis - QH3109 Clearance

£61.31   £32.70

White Marilyn Tankini Clearance

£102.19   £69.49

Rio Riviera Tankini size 1X clearance

£114.45   £81.75

Qihai Tankini - QH2213

£68.67   £43.33

Media has too often “glamorized” what women’s fashion swimwear means. Flip through any magazine and you’ll see bikinis of all shapes and sizes, showing how flat Megan Fox’s stomach is or how toned Jennifer Aniston’s arms are. Unfortunately for the rest of us who may have “love handles”, moles here and there, or a less then perfect chest – bikinis may not be much of an option. In women’s swim wear, there’s a line between looking hip but at the same time not showing too much. Fortunately, the worlds have conspired to help – there’s the Tankini.

There are things to consider when deciding to purchase tankini fashion swimwear. Tankinis may be: boy shorts-tankinis, skirted tankinis, and normal tankinis. The ‘pros’ about tankinis is that they function like a one-piece swimsuit, hiding skin without making you look old-fashioned. The catch is that they may end up more unflattering on you – for those with certain body shapes or who might actually be better off flaunting what they have in different swimwear.

How do you choose the right tankini swimwear? First, think of your how you’ll wear it– wear boy shorts-tankinis if you are going for an active afternoon at the beach, like playing volleyball or building sandcastles, since this will be more comfortable. Go for panties-style tankinis if you’re going for some sunbathing. There are plenty of swimsuits with great prices available, catering to different needs. There are more and more stores offering high-quality swimwear that comes at a great price. Second, choose something that you actually like to wear – don’t be pressured by friends or be conscious of what is or is not hip. Choose something that you feel good in. At the end of the day, that’s the true definition of a great deal.

Choose from the tankinis available at Swimwear Place. Browse through our collection of women’s swim wear at great prices. We sell high quality fashion swim wear brands at much lower prices. Talk about the advantage of buying straight from the manufacturers and not maintaining a costly brick and mortar store!

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